Real Estate Management System Features

1. Tenant Management (KYC)

The Real Estate Agency Management system (RealSpur) enables the adding, editing and deleting of tenants including the capture of all key tenant information including KYC data such as the National ID number and photographs of the tenant (or scanned copies of documents, lease agreement, ID copies etc).

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2. Apartment/Real Estate Management

RealSpur system enables the setting up, editing and deleting of apartments/real estates which tenants can then be allocated or removed from. Apartments/Estates can be entered in a similar manner to entering a tenant.

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3. Branch Management

RealSpur system enables the setting up, editing and deleting of real estate management company branches which tenants and landlord managers can then be allocated to. Reports can be easily run to show the performance of individual branches.

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4. Rent Bill and Tenant Deposit Management

RealSpur system enables the setting up, editing and deleting of a range of standard bills that can then be given to tenants and any deposits with the agent.RealSpur will run bills at the end of the month and notify tenants to pay via Bank, M-Pesa or otherwise.

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7. Reports

High quality reports are an essential part of running a successful organization. RealSpur System offers excellent portfolio focused reports, providing highly reliable and timely information to users at all levels of the institution.

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9. User Rights and Roles

RealSpur system users can be added, edited and deleted from the system and assigned to particular roles within the system itself. Depending on the role of the user, they will only be able to access certain parts of the system and see clients related to their branch (customizable). A system administrator can define new roles.

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8. Accounting Module

RealSpur System works with both Cash and Accruals accounting methodologies, with the user able to specify the methodology on a product-by-product basis. The system comes with a customizable General Ledger, enabling users to set up new GL accounts and carry out manual journal entries. The system also provides your core financial reports including a daily trial balance, income statement, cash flow statement, provisioning report and balance sheet.

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8.1 Close Periods

Close periods can be defined by the user, enabling you to block transactions or entries from dates in the past.

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10. Audit Module

All actions are logged and searchable in the audit module, showing the time, user and type of action and client affected; searchable by date, and exportable into Excel, CSV or PDF.

11. Integration with Mobile Money Transfer Systems

RealSpur System is fully integrated with M-PESA and Airtel Mobile Money. If your organization would like the System to be integrated with any other MMT providers, talk to us for the work to commence. This can be up and running in less than one week.

12. SMS Module

The SMS module enables you send personalized messages directly to tenants either for marketing purposes, or simply to follow up on tenants in rent arrears.

To send SMS messages, you will need to register your own organization Sender ID then start purchasing the SMS units.

14. 3rd Party Integration

RealSpur System can integrate with any 3rd party application that supports your business through APIs, USSD, Short Code, SMS etc.

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