You can access RealSpur from any computer device that’s internet enabled.

We shall ensure your business settings are mapped on RealSpur seamlessly before you go live.

We can make arrangement for training online (free) or onsite at a fee

1.RealSpur team shall use its best efforts to secure the RealSpur System against unauthorized access by third parties and against theft or misuse of data. As part of these efforts, the RealSpur System is hosted with an ISO27001 certified data center in Digital ocean. Access to the system is provided through a secure web interface and all users require their own unique usernames and passwords to access.

2. All RealSpur System servers are grouped together into a closed and private network, guarded by a hardware firewall and state of the art anti-virus software. There are substantial anti-fire and physical security measures in place, as well as redundant internet connections and power supplies.

3. RealSpur guarantees an uptime of the RealSpur System of 99.95% on a yearly basis, excluding (planned) maintenance.